In A food World War: are we ready for the ration book?, by Mary McCarthy, Claire O’Neill and Shadi Hashem.

"The current unsustainable consumption behaviours are a product of a market system that has failed society"

Opinion: a radical approach to food sustainability is required to manage the complex set of challenges faced by individuals and society

By Mary McCarthy, Clare O’Neill and Shadi Hashem, UCC

One could argue that the food industry’s success in meeting every need of the market is an Achilles heel of environmental and health sustainability. Increasing efficiencies in the production and supply of food has created a highly competitive marketplace where food is almost omnipresent in our lives. Quantity, quality and value, the mantra of supply, has led to overconsumption and waste. This in turn has propelled us towards a critical point, where we now need to critically reflect on our practices and identify a path for food production and consumption that place us on a more sustainable footing. more