Funded PhD research opportunity at the University of Bristol (Supervised by Professors Dale Southerton and David Evans)

The Department of Management is offering a funded three-and-a-half years PhD project to develop research on ‘Sustainable food platforms: A comparative analysis of food provisioning and consumption in Bristol and Oslo’. The project will examine patterns of food consumption – and their environmental impacts – which are connected to the different modes of provision that consumers engage with in order to Access food. Technological advances, grassroots innovations and new platforms of food provisioning represent significant opportunities to enable and upscale sustainable food practices in the home. This PhD research project addresses this research gap. It explores changing food consumption through a focus on digitally mediated food provisioning platforms. It involves a comparison of Bristol in the UK and Oslo in Norway, and will connect to a major European project (PLATEFORMS) involving comparative analysis of 5 countries (Norway, Sweden, Italy, Ireland and Germany). Further details about the project and the funding can be found here: