New report from WP1 is published

The report summarises key findings emerged from the analysis of a cross-country dataset on online food provisioning services gathered for the project PLATEFORMS. The objective of the present work is to provide a general description of online food provisioning services in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway and Sweden with a special focus on pipelines and platforms. Online food shopping – i.e. the digital purchase of at least one food item over the last 12 months – has considerably increased in all countries over the past 4 years, albeit marked differences can be noticed. While in Italy and Ireland, only 4% and 6% of in the individuals have completed at least one online food purchase over the past 12 months, this percentage is much higher for Norway (14%), Sweden (19%), and especially Germany (19%). Nonetheless, when compared with other goods, online food shopping in all countries is still far behind: in 2018, considering online purchases over the past 12 months, more than 40% of individuals in the EU purchased online furniture or toys, more than 50% booked travel or online accommodation, and more than 60% acquired clothes or sports goods. Find the report here.